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Kent Kiesey, a Chicago based Interior Designer, is noted for his high quality traditional design. His interiors have a somewhat formal, but dressed down, comfortable quality.

He worked for the venerable Marshall Field and Company and designed the entire Trend House in 1979, highlighting his love of traditional residential design. His client base began to build because of his talent and his clients' trust in him. Kent left MF&Co. in 1990 to launch his own business. He has designed homes as far away as Scotland.

All of his clients are aware of how he listens to them and will design an interior specifically suited to their personality and their point of view; always answering their needs, rather than dictating to them. Kent's colorful presentation's include what he thinks is best for his client with alternatives to choose from.

Each assignment is important. He personally oversees each project from beginning to end. His consultants include some of the best technicians and architects available.

Kent's work is timeless. It signifies permanence and a settled down look that is calm and reassuring in its mood. Over the years the interiors continue to subtly please. Kent's interiors are suitable for the new generation of a relaxed, somewhat formal traditional lifestyle.

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